Saturday, January 7, 2017

Life's Smallest Things...

*thank-you, Sasha:)
(This morning the sun reflected off of something that created the illusion of two suns rising)

This small bundle has produced more happiness than is possible to pen:)

It seems to be life’s smallest things
Which bring the biggest happiness
And makes us feel like common kings
Beneath the thrill of its caress

The pages of spent age are filled
With testaments of kind delight
Where journeymen of time are stilled
By miracles of sound and sight

  Dew-drops, a baby’s cry, a bird
*A word penned and mailed from afar
Snow, like pearl-dust by small feet stirred
Black night studded with specks of star

A smile, a little girl or boy
A book, brook-song silver and blue
And from the well-spring of grief-joy
Love’s smallest proof, a tear or two

A window full of fresh-born day
Arms full of newborn babe, oh my
The blossom bud unfolding May
Small leaf strumming pink twilight sky

...a cup of tea, rain-melody
Laughter love-spawned, a piece of bread
A garden gate, an apple tree 
A muffin with gold butter spread

Fences drowning in flowers, wild
And free to all who wander there
To wonder like a looking child
At mercy’s marbled thoroughfare

…impossible to tell them all
Or try to spell the thankfulness
For something that seems oh, so small
Yet hold life’s biggest happiness

© Janet Martin

Wishing you a day of small-shaped wonders!
Happy Saturday!


  1. Thank you..shedding a (happy) tear or two over here -- time for a cup of tea!

  2. Congratulations to everyine for the new born bundle of joy.

    1. Thank-you! 'bundle of joy' is the perfect description for this little guy!

  3. Look at those cheeks! What a cute baby. I love all these photos, Janet, and wish you a happy year.

    1. thank-you Sara! happy, happy times! He is a doll:)


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