Saturday, January 21, 2017

In Spite Of Its Costume

 'It's a very nice day', remarked little Luke yesterday, 
with his back turned to the gray-drippy outdoors and his eyes pre-tasting the colorful fruit treat he was mixing...

We've had gray-on-gray day-after-day for more mornings than any of us would choose 
but we don't decide the color of dawn's dress...
and though at first glance each gray day may seem like a carbon-copy of the previous we know no two are alike in spite of its costume!

That gold gong in yon belfry is muffled by gray on gray
Wall-to-wall tulle keeps the full sweep of countryside at bay
Those ‘pastures green’ we dream of wallow in a world of mud
Earth’s tree-lines skimmed with breathy brume and winter’s bastioned bud

Gladness is like a song we sing in spite of what is not
The sadness-es deemed for this day will spill hope’s care-filled lot
Life’s sit-and-spin, its grit-and-grin, its what-must-be-will-be
Flings wide the door of every morn to opportunity

Daybreak is like a lake, lack-luster; lost in in its own fray
Its landscape lies beneath a cape of shapeless, weightless gray
We wake and sleep, weep, laugh and leap across its brief commune
And make the best it, oh yes, in spite of its costume

© Janet Martin

 How are you making Best today?!
I think I'll kitchen putter with some cleaning-cooking-baking! 
I've NEVER heard any complaints yet when I choose this Saturday-activity😀


  1. Out of the mouth of reminds me of that Robert Frost poem "Dust of Snow", only his snow-crow-dusty moment is a glass bowl of bright fruit. We've been starved for color here too, but today is sunny at last.

    The imagery in the first line of your poem is my favorite.

    1. Thank-you. I did laugh out lud when Luke said it...such innocence and living-in-the-moment which, just then looked very 'nice':)

      The first line came to me as i scanned another foggy morning and i pounced on it like a cat on a yarn-ball!
      wouldn't the dream-poem be if EVERY line was a YES-this-exactly-what-I-was-trying-say/paint-line!?

  2. Yes, there is always something good for those who have eyes to see.

    1. for those who have yes to see it...perfectly put! thank-you Martin.


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