Monday, January 23, 2017

In Praise of Poetry

Poetry shouts loudest
In quietest places
It brims from sudden
Surprising showcases

Poetry needs no
Grandstand or applause
Its accolades whispered
In awed oohs and a-ahs

Poetry dances
Poetry sings
Rushes and hushes
And tickles heartstrings

Poetry listens
Poetry speaks
Poetry kisses
Life’s love-riddled cheeks

Poetry praises
Poetry prays
Poetry preaches
Without pious phrase

Poetry ponders
Pages, wonder-crowned
Poetry thunders
With nary a sound

© Janet Martin


  1. Delightful song. Dream on...

  2. I think I would say photography does the same, and your photo today has done that for me today. Simply beautiful.

    1. thank-you. this sprig caught my eye one day when out skiing across wide open fields. I agree, a picture is worth a thousand words!


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