Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In Jesus Name I Pray...

 It's been a while since I posted my favorite  'prayer-song'...

and below, a little prayer to an Almighty God

Lord, bless life’s common busyness
And help us keep in mind
Thy eye of grace and righteousness
That tends all humankind

Lord, keep us from doubt’s dark despair
Let sin be our great fear
And love be our greatest care
Knowing You see and hear

Lord, when we cannot understand
The way that you deem fit
Still, with faith help us hold your Hand
You know the whole of it

Each prayer we pray, each word we say
Lord, help us keep in mind
Hope’s Reason, when this day to day
Of life is left behind

© Janet Martin


  1. Nice prater. You might also like Alan Jackson.

    1. thank-you and yes, I do! know it be heart word for word!!(I'm a mom;-))


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