Monday, January 30, 2017

House of Love

 We are like little houses, not?

There is nothing quite like a baby to make humble 'houses' burst with joy...
this little guy (our grandson) is almost a month old...already!!

The walls that wear our skin
Beneath the grin and tear and sigh
Cradle a gallery within
Of precious, precious days gone by

The window where we watch
As loved ones come and go and go
Frames farewell's glib, glist’ning gamut
With kiss of tear, bliss of hello

The door that stands ajar
Shaped like a heart, big as the sky
Always makes room for ‘just one more’
Before dusk dims its lullaby

This form of blood and bone
Holds more than anyone can see
It harbors storms of grit and groan
And blips of heaven-on-earth spree

The roof wears glints of snow
It tops a house of darling dreams
Time scatters seasons as we go
And strews the yard with stars, it seems

© Janet Martin


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