Friday, January 13, 2017

Home-Sweet-Home Winter

Tea kettle humming
And little child laughing
Snowflake-stars strumming
The stark winter tree
Supper-soup simmers
Street-light rhinestones glimmer
And sunset-sea shimmers
Soulful symphony

White winter-whispers
Slow snuggles, soft slippers
Snow-morning pictures
Steeped-tea afternoon
Rock-a-bye baby
Oh my, how I love you
Tick-tock, don’t hurry
What Time steals too soon

Snowman so jolly
Pat-a-cake, Polly
Tidy up dollies
And puzzles and toys
Story-book stages
Rouse princes and sages
And turn-the-page places
Of simple-sweet joys

Blue twilight heaven
Supper-chatter lingering
Beethoven's 7th
On the stereo
 Sock-footed dances
Where wind-moan enhances
Late-day dream-romances
Of Old England, oh

Flower-pot gardens
And fireside-pardons
Rosy-cheeked children
And hot-chocolate mirth
Sky-loft flings splendor
Dusk sings Love Me Tender
Where Home-sweet-home-winter
Is the best place on earth

© Janet Martin


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