Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Farewell, Mr. January...and Farewell For A While, Ms. Janet

 Mr. January 2017 was pretty gloomy most days...
off with you then so we can find out if February will be a friendlier fellow
With the exception of yesterday gray-on-gray was the color of almost every day!!

Farewell, dear fellow with pockets that spill
Frail mellow-yellow and gray, galling chill
Off to the archives of has-been you slip
In the grand scheme of daydreams, but a blip

Farewell and off you go, blow your best huff
Though we know you were born to bluster-bluff
Still, we are willing to hasten your leave
Never an encore from you do we plead

Will you be off now to warm up your toes?
What is the weather like where you repose?
If you like I’ll hold the door, point the way
Just in case you get to thinking you’ll stay

© Janet Martin

On this note...this is not only farewell Mr. January.
It is also farewell for a while, Ms. Janet.

Taking a blogging break, not forever but just for a while!
Thank-you for reading.
Until we meet again,


  1. Enjoy your time off. I enjoyed these delights.

  2. Bravo! I know this isn't an easy decision.
    Hugs, love and blessings. xo

    1. :) thank-you for your understanding...last night I kept spilling and dropping things and Victoria teased me about going through poetry-withdrawal and I told her she might be write...oops, I mean ,right;-))

      Richard H. has also encouraged me that a break is a very good thing and I trust a man who has been a missionary and preached for over 40 years, but all that being said you're right about it not being easy even if it is necessary.
      This morning, it seems, all sorts of juicy bait-lines dangle to tantalize me from my resolve to take a break, but the only thing I've written is a prayer in my journal:)

  3. A poetry sabbatical, richly deserved! My sister & I were marveling last week at how prolific you are, and each poem a gem.
    May you enjoy the away time, and come back the richer for it. (But you will be missed.)

    1. Cyndy, thank-you so much. I am deeply touched. It is with mixed feelings I am taking a break but I truly do believe it can't hurt. See you in a bit:)

  4. I will miss your honest words. Enjoy your time away.

  5. Replies
    1. p.s. I'm trying to make it 'nice a time away' and it's not that hard. There are SO many things in life to be enjoyed (all possibly ending up in a poem;-)!

  6. I enjoyed this lighthearted piece. I hope your enjoy your break! Looking forward to your poetry when you return. :-)

    1. Thank-you...it's sort of bittersweet. see you soon!

  7. Enjoy your blog break Janet. Blessings. Pam

  8. Just found out about your taking a break. Feels funny not to see several of your posts every single day, you've spoiled your readers :)
    Enjoy your time off, Janet. Maybe when you come back, you'll be doing a slower type of blogging: posting once a week, twice a week..?..you'll figure out what works best for you. Big hug.

  9. Hi Sasha and thank-you:)
    I might need to find a more 'balanced' blogging style (I'm too much of an all-or-nothing person!!) but I'm finding out that write I must. I'm pen-writing (instead of typing) and still find myself scribbling, often a few poems a day (it seems to be how I best breathe,process, appreciate and remember life. (life is poetry waiting to be written, right?!)

    Sometimes when life gets busy one looks at what could be left out but in this break I've come to the conclusion that writing is not the thing to cut just yet, but maybe I could learn a more moderate peace...I mean pace;-) See you soon!

    Today I was teasing Victoria and saying that 10 has a nice round feel to it for break-days and she suggested to make it at least half a month so that means I can come back on Tuesday:)She did say she thinks a true break should be the whole month so we'll see how The Spirit leads.

    1. Another thing: if you don't post online everything that you write, you'll have unpublished poems that you might try to submit -- to contests, literary magazines, etc. With your productivity pretty soon you'll have enough poems for a full collection..and another one...and another one... :)
      There are a lot of free poetry contests out there--for individual poems, chapbooks, and full collections--some with very substantial prizes; poetry grants, etc. Might be worth looking into.

  10. thank-you:) it's something to think about!


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