Thursday, January 12, 2017

All We Need...

From the shoreline of the east
Ebbs the dark tide of the night
From a spigot no one sees
Pours the glory of daylight
Soon this too will be hereafter
Sea of blue from heaven’s rafter
Runs us through with grief and laughter
While we wage the wars of sight

Darling, so little we know
Who can tell what dawn conceals
Hunger’s holy ebb and flow
Shimmers where time spins its wheels
Glimmers where the day is waking
What a tender undertaking
Tugs at heartstring’s born for aching
Where love hurts and heals

Betwixt what was and will be
What is fills our reaching ways
Teaching us humility
With the high-tide of todays
Where the salt of sweat and sorrow
Spills from vaults of get and borrow
Whets the appetite of more, oh
While Want sings-toils-prays

Beg not for the gold of kings
Dance on dawn’s fresh-founded street
Full, the joy of simple things
If we have enough to eat
If we have rest for our labor
If we have love for our neighbor
If we have Christ for our Savior
Darling, we have all we need

© Janet Martin


  1. "Sea of blue from heaven’s rafter" ..."Hunger’s holy ebb and flow"..."Dance on dawn’s fresh-founded street" - I just want to splash your keen phrasings in lovely large script across a wall! I do have a room that needs painting, so who knows? - maybe I will! Thank you for letting the words flow through.

    1. :) thank-you!! do you know how often I am inspired through your posts?! Happy 'painting' even if it is simply rooms of thoughts:)

  2. "we have all we need" - I so agree. Thank you for this blessing

  3. Thank-you Martin, and you're welcome!


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