Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Blessed ABC Poem

A new year waits
Behind us, barred gates; before us open doors
Change comes through courage purposed-prayed
Do it!
Embrace time’s mores
Farewell to old, hello to new
God’s grace grants second chance
Here-now is like an avenue
Inviting us to dance
Jaded and cast, is the year past
Kiss it good-bye and then
Look to the love of God; He gives
Mercy for dreams again
Night turns to morning while we drowse
Our track-record, though grim
Persuades hope’s nature to arouse
Quixotic lands within  
Reminding us how God imbues
Surrendered sighs with joy
Time’s tried benevolence renews
Until’ with faith; ahoy
Vesper and daybreak ebbs and flows
With rose and thorny cares
X-cellent is He that bestows
Yes and no to our prayers
Zeal refurbishes gray with gold as the New Year succeeds the Old

© Janet Martin

Hello 2017!


  1. This is really beautiful, Janet, and I love the vintage image, too. God bless you. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Hi Linda,fellow-Canadian,

      thank-you for your visit and kind words! The image is a card sent to my grandparents years ago!


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