Wednesday, April 6, 2016

To a World of Well-wishers...

This post is the offspring of anguish as we watch well-wishers with closed without Bibles try to pinpoint Hope...

posting this song in memory of Merle Haggard who passed away today

Oh, how can we wish well on ways hell-bent for destruction?
Where Ignorance breeds ignorance, its knowledge vile and vain
It mutes the Mediator of heaven-lent instruction
Its sacrifice, a way of life that will not be again

To bless the bold defilement of love’s sacred, ordained role
Is to partake of Satan’s quaff; oh, pray that we abstain
Where lords of lawless liaisons care nothing for the soul
And extinguish a way of life that will not be again

Woe to a world of well-wishers that do not know the truth
As wide-eyed blindness wanders where nobody can explain
The reason to cleave to the Good; as they brainwash fair youth
Who do not know the way of life that will not be again

© Janet Martin

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