Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Willing Winter Away...

Come on winter, we're weary of your fresh over-flowing bowl of Snowflakes for breakfast! 
Can we have golden, honeyed sunny-ohs, pl-e-e-e-ease?

The hierarchy of winter wanes
But will not seal its boreal gate
It dallies on the hungry lanes
Where barren courts of April wait

…for buds to break wide, starry-eyed
And toll the gong of spring-song tide
For hills to don youth’s vernal hue
For hearts to hope with awe anew
For brooks to babble, ripple, run
Freed from ice-grip by kiss of sun
Where by its silver lilt we sit
To watch worlds waken, wonder-lit
And grace the skin of earth with bloom
Birth wells from Nature’s umbral tomb
It swells the limb with green and gold
Where winter-long it wore white cold
Now each tree, like a troubadour
Laughs, full of poetry once more

As hierarchy of Shiver fell
Prey to the brogue of flower-bell
And yellow-zephyr pirouette
...but winter is not willing yet 

© Janet Martin


  1. Sweet photo and request.. I add my imploring please to the chorus...

    1. :) thank-you. those grackles are stripping the bird-feeders even as I write this, but I guess they are hungry too...


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