Monday, April 18, 2016

Where Smiles Run Deep

 I feel every inch of my middle age tonight but it comes after a good day's work...not before:)
Stick pile from the ice-storm GONE! 
(I didn't get a bench(see above link) but I did salvage a stump;)

Her smiles run deep and cannot keep
The proof of years at bay
The quick return of live and learn
Startles her brow with gray

Her heart plays host to Uttermost
Of love’s laughter and tears
While her form bears and humbly wears
The penmanship of years

 Hope-spurred she strove to live the love
That lights the world afire
Stunned by the ease of memories
That tick and tock acquire lark-song lilt on dawn soft spilt
And dusk’s blue shadow stage
And interplay of time's gold-gray
Clothed her with middle-age

Her smiles run deep and cannot keep
The proof of years at bay
But deeper still is the free will 
Of time slipping away

Futile to fret or fear the threat
Of lessons yet to learn
For Present spills both good and ills
 Into past's No Return

© Janet Martin


  1. Our burn pile is huge but we're waiting until the no burn order is gone now. It is very dry here apparently as we had little snow this winter so it's too dangerous. Also it's been very windy the past week so we wait. Do you put your ashes into the garden soil? Does it help? We will have a pile of ash to get rid of and are grassing over most of the garden area. Do you think it is a good idea to spread the ashes into the dirt before we seed it? Thanks. Pam

  2. Our neighbor gave us a very helpful tip...'make a small fire and keep feeding it', so i clipped all the twigs from the thick part of limbs (thicker pieces I saved for campfire wood) and burned those all day long which left us with a small ash pile even after all that wood, so I will till it into the garden before planting, but if it was a lot I'm not sure if it would hurt it. I would definitely work it into the soil before planting it with grass. It is dry here too and I certainly had not planned on doing that yesterday but when I went out in the morning and wonder-of-wonders, there was NO wind I couldn't resist at least trying. I thought it would still be too green but it burned and the wind stayed down until just at the end, but thankfully I was almost done. Hope this helps. SO much work waiting in the spring, huh?

    North of here they fought a huge grass fire yesterday. It is dry here too!


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