Saturday, April 2, 2016

When God said 'Let There Be'

Sometimes one poem inspires another...
when I posted the previous photo it begged for its own poem:)

God said, 'let there be'
And from these words were born
The quiet blue of dusk-adieu
The golden-haloed morn
The rush of sea that sweeps
To stays of sandy shore
The food for need tucked in a Seed
Time’s temporary More
The mischief-freckled lad
His curiosity
The lavish loom of petal-bloom
The bluff, the bird, the bee
The afternoon that drips
Into the serenade
Of vesper hymn strummed by a limb
Flushed with spring’s promenade
The miracle of birth
The earth’s fullness thereof
Four season’s worth of hope and hurt
The breadth of live-laugh-love
He said, 'let there be'
And flung to emptiness
The holy grace of human race
Their grief and happiness
He shaped from dust, man’s form
And breathed to dust, a soul
With ‘let there be’ eternity
Became man’s sacred goal

© Janet Martin

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