Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tim Hortons

PAD Challenge from Writer's Digest day 16: For today’s prompt, write a poem about (or at) a food establishment.

We meet temporary soulmates there
diehards willing to wait, wade seas
to scan showcases of fresh-baked fare
and their turn to order, 'a large black, please'

...where the air is steeped with the heady blend
of chatter, laughter and a fresh-brewed pot
as student, traveler, laborer, friend
Streams through the doors of Canada's hot spot

Janet Martin~

If you are in Canada ask anyone you meet where the nearest Tim Hortons is...
and they will be able to tell you, 
because there is always a Tim Hortons (or three) nearby

Thank-you Tim Horton,
from Canada's coffee-lovers.
Read about Tim here,
 killed tragically in a car crash in 1974


  1. Happy Hubby - who gives directions using Timmies - will drink this delicious poem up - in double, double time! ;)

    1. :) after my own heart only I'll take mine black, please!


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