Monday, April 11, 2016

Thus, The Poet...

This writer put to words, my heart! 

Lest life’s sadness, fear and failure
Should silence our song with tears
Heedful to Ink’s Humble Honor
Thus the poet perseveres

Lest the best of life and beauty
Is drowned by the din of men
Faithful to Ink’s Post of Duty
Thus the poet wields a pen

Lest the quest for fame and fortune
Finds a foothold in our thought
Thus the poet plies Ink’s Shofar
‘Hail to He who keens its jot’

Lest the rush and push of progress
Snuffs the poem that would be
Save for Ink-anointed Prowess
Thus the poet trolls time’s sea

Lest, for all the boast of being
We miss being most of all
Where a poem opens Seeing
…thus the Poet heeds Ink’s Call

© Janet Martin

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