Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This Business Called Living

It’s a tough thing, this business of living, especially when you put a God whose ways are so far apart from our own at the center of it. 

This business of living where one hand gives
As suave as the other steals
And vexes the heart with guesses, my sweet
On what the future conceals

This business of holding on while letting go
Of learning the art of good-bye
While braving the thrill of a brand-new hello
In spite of love’s tear-stung eye

This business of laughter, forgiveness, regret
This balancing act of love
This wake and sleep window of sunrise and set
Winnowing Time from above

...this business of knowing that there must be more
To living than this fleet chase
Causes us to consider, nay implore
From Holy God, mercy’s grace

© Janet Martin

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