Monday, April 4, 2016

The Un-Secret to Going the Distance

PAD Challenge Day 4: Write a going the distance poem

Nobody knows for certain just how far The Distance is
Life’s change of plans and circumstance does not adhere to dreams
And oft upon our willful way we lay Intent amiss
Then battle the despair when care ignores thought’s subtle schemes
But since the dawn of Time, through pantomime of season-spawn
The way to go The Distance has not changed; keep keeping on

The Path of Least Resistance may appear an Easy Street
It lures us to loiter where life seems easier until
The day when who we thought we were is mandated to meet
With opposition where wishing won’t rearrange God’s will
Then we, faith-pioneers must learn, like they who’ve come and gone
That all who went the Distance did so just by keeping on

Those who have gone the distance knew love’s hurt and hunger too
How un-brave hope can be, how common-hard this forward-plight
But with prayer-primed persistence, step by step they saw it through
And victory is sweet because it comes after the fight
Thus we like those before us use the same old stumble-stone
But we can go The Distance too if we keep keeping on

© Janet Martin

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