Thursday, April 14, 2016

Take Time Out to Think About...It

PAD Challenge day 14: For today’s prompt, write a time out poem.
Bird-watching...the feeder is quite the hot spot in the morning!

This slick parade of tick and tock can take one by surprise
Veiled in heaven’s kaleidoscope of sunset and sunrise
The age-old chants of ‘how Time flies’ in new mouths is renewed
As we begin to realize how swift time is subdued

And then we plan to take the chance to dance a little more
And take time out to simply sit on Mother Nature’s floor
To slow the feet that fain would meet the breadth of day to day
With little more to show for than the rest who passed that way

Sometimes the time we didn’t take can smite a sudden blow
So we vow not to make the same mistake with its new Now
…then stoutly say, maybe today, we’ll pause a little bit
And take time out to think about the Grand Purpose of it

The quick parade of hope-trust-faith does not lead to the grave
But wholly, holy draws us to the Crux of all we brave
Where dust to dust is but the mortal must of flesh and blood
Before the Awesome Evermore…the Door that leads to God

© Janet Martin

One glimpse of heaven would suffice as reply
To earth's age-old question of why, why, why?

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