Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sing Like a Daisy...

Sing like a lovely daisy
Unhindered by bolder peers
Far in the meadow away she
Sings to her Maker who hears

Sing like the little sparrow
Modest ‘mongst birds though he be
Up to his Father in Heaven
He lifts his chirp-chiralee

Sing like the spring-brook splashing
From winter-prison set free
Laughing in silver-glad  anthems
Small to the big, blue sea

Sing like a child, free of worry
Sing like a spring tree, bud-shod
Sing for the beauty of Being
Part of the heart of God

© Janet Martin


  1. Amazing! and yes songs of nature are all around we just have to harmonize our hearts with them. Beautiful poem.

  2. Hi Vandana, and thank-you! we can learn a lot from nature, can't we? 'Consider the lilies...'


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