Saturday, April 23, 2016

Of 'Miss-this' Replay

Writer's Digest PAD Challenge day 23:For today’s prompt, write a footwear poem.

I know someday I'll miss this:
These days that hear me say
'Make your beds,
clean up your rooms
and put your shoes away'

I'll miss this common heaven
Of mundane disarray
'hang up your coat
and back-pack, oh,
and put your shoes away

Etched on fond memory
When I am old and gray
I'll play those days
When I could say,
Please, put your shoes away

...hang up wet towels,
don't leave your spills
for me to wipe, and pray
please, when you come in take a sec
and put your shoes away...

I wonder if, someday perchance
They'll hear me as they say
To their teen-sters,
Dream deaf and blind
 'please, put your shoes away' 

Janet Martin~

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