Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Of Love's Humble Joys

I pour ‘more ketchup please’
And pick up toys and toys

And wonder at the common cloth
Of love’s humble joys

I wipe noses and messes
To the music of noise

And ponder the simplicity
Of love’s humble joys

I sing a song and read a book
To little girls and boys

And marvel at the preciousness
Of love’s humble joys

Lord, fit me for the Calling
That each task employs

Fill my days with grateful praise
For love’s humble joys

© Janet Martin


  1. So sweet, Janet. Thank you. Are these the little kids you babysit?

    1. yes, I've started babysitting for a supply teacher with three little ones. I was planning to have four kiddies today but I have only one. Teacher's little one is sick.

    2. Four kiddies -- quite a handful! Good luck :-)
      I miss little kids in the house...

    3. ...sometimes its 3 when the oldest one is in school but yes! a handful, and a heart-full:) they are SO precious! I just tucked the one I have today in for a nap after he trying to explain what 'future' is.(he heard the word on a show) so i told him future is Time that has not happened yet...no, that can't be so...future is that which has not yet been time...
      It's this kind of thing that makes babysitting a handful, a heart-full and a head-full!! but I like it.


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