Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Not Easier But Better...

Those days were no easier but oh, they were better! 
These days gone as well;-))

Writer's Digest PAD Challenge day 27: For today’s prompt, write a take off poem.

What lovely days back then
When business-worlds shut down
One day a week and everyone
Stayed out of stores in town
To sit upon a porch
On Sunday afternoon
Or stroll with family among
Spring’s forget-me-not bloom

What lovely days they were
One day a week for prayer
To worship the Creator
For the blessing of His care
To pause from toil’s demand
To picnic with a book
To linger in the hammock
Or to dally by the brook

...and on each Sunday morn
The steeple bells would toll
And worshipers would gather
 To consider God and soul
Awed by the sacred size
Of man's few days on earth
When that which never dies
Reveals its sacred worth

No expectation wore
The work-a-day man cold
With seven-day appointments
For a boss thirsty for gold
...because one day a week
The work-world took a break
What lovely days they were
Lost for a dollar’s sake

© Janet Martin

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