Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lost to the Madding Crowd...

PAD Challenge day 2: write a he said-she said poem

She said ‘I want A Page’
He said, ‘no room enough,
The articles on politics
And news and ads for Stuff
Requires precedence
And I, the editor
Must deem for all the rest of them
What seems most popular
And poetry, they say
Is so passé, 
And rhyme
Oh, dear! My dear,
That passed away
Way, way before your time!
So run along, wee thing
And do not bother me
For we are far too busy here
For things like poetry'

...she said, 'I want a page
Tell me, is there a place
Where there is room enough for me?'
He said, 'try cyberspace'

© Janet Martin

For a little while a local magazine published poetry by local poets among their ads for farm machinery and agriculture, recipes, stories on life as it once was etc...
The ads, articles, recipes, and stories remain but the poetry has disappeared.

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