Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lest I Miss Out...

 It was a late-getting-dishes-done evening after what I originally thought was going to be a long-walk-at sunset-evening. 
Instead, a long phone-call, Victoria sick, Matt home late and lingering, unusually chatty during his kept-warm-in-the-oven-til-he-got-home supper, back to comfort daughter who just threw up...and so on:)
Still, I wouldn't trade this evening(except Victoria being sick, of course!) for all the sunset walks in the world...

Lest I should grow immune somehow
To blessings of love’s common spoil
And I should count for nought the Now
That fills my hands with humble toil

Lest I should look across the way
And pine for that which cannot be
And miss the lovely little day
That God placed right in front of me

Lest I forget my have-and-hold
And become bold enough to fret
For someone else’s moment-gold
While treasure spills unnumbered yet

Lest I should overlook love’s prize
Wrapped in life’s simple and mundane
I pray thee Lord, open my eyes
For today will not pass again

© Janet Martin


  1. I like your thinkin'! Yes...what a good reminder. I wrote a poem similar in intent today...haven't posted yet. :-)

    1. Thank-you...I'm not sure where your 'posted it' comment went but for all you readers, she did post it! :)

    2. Lol...I wasn't very clear. I did post the poem with the quote from "Between Us..." (your poem from the other day). But what I meant was that I wrote a poem today I have not yet posted which is along the same theme as this poem (Lest I Miss Out...)!

      I do hope your girl feels better soon! xo

    3. No, that was my mistake:) I hope Victoria feels better too. She hasn't thrown up since midnight so hopefully today will be better!

      can't wait to read your poem! I should be a little more patient with posting. I KNOW I would tweak them a little more sometimes. If ever I do a book editing and sorting will be a monumental task!!!


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