Sunday, April 10, 2016

Irrevocable Allotment

 This is last year's 'first gold'. It's been too cold for Nature's first gold  this year...

Irrevocable, the reel
From whence returns green appeal
Where the hub of yesterday
Bore its beaming bud away
To mud-meadows, brown and gray
Irrevocable the reel

Irresistible, the gold
That the looms of bloom unfold
Where beneath the tread of hours
Autumn shed its final flow’rs
April, blessed April show’rs
Irresistible thy gold

Irretrievable the day
That has drained its drops away
We should make each moment count
Swift, the gift that fills time’s fount
Where none knows its full amount
Irretrievable the day

Irreproachable the Hand
That bestows Farewell's demand
Benevolent genesis
Mystic metamorphosis
Shaping what was from what is 
Irreproachable the Hand

© Janet Martin

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