Thursday, April 14, 2016

Investing in the Future

 PAD Challenge day 14: For today’s prompt, write a time out poem.

It’s not so much about money
As it is about Taking Time
To squiggle honey on bagels,
Or giggle a nursery-rhyme
Or stroll to a sun-yellow Hello
Of morning, gold-curled, bed-head wild
Or to take a ‘sit’ in the meadow a bit
With a picnic, a book and a child
Where we have unrushed conversations
About nothing too much at all
*about whether chilly is weather or food
*And is Elora a boy or a girl?
And what is name of that little black bird?
*'Junco', I reply and they laugh
Because whoever heard of naming a bird
After a heap of trash
And suddenly I think how funny it is
That when we hear the word
Investment, we think about moneyed things
…not bare foot strolls or soup stirred
Or freckle-faced questions that wait our reply
Or let’s sing, let’s play, let’s dance
Yet, future depends more on how we spend time
Than the coin of dollars and cents

© Janet Martin

Inspired today:)

* 8:00 a.m. Boy 3 yrs. old: Janet, can we have a picnic?
 Janet; Let's wait a  little. It is still too chilly outside
Boy mystified; Chilly (chili) is food, right?


*Janet to Boy 3 yrs. old: Mommy is teaching in Elora today.
Boy, puzzled; Is Elora a boy or a girl?


Boy 3 and Sister 4, : Janet, what is the name of the tiny black bird?
Janet: that's a Junco.
Siblings squealing with laughter; A bird called Junk?


  1. Oh Janet, I just love this one. I read it to my husband this morning at breakfast. My non-poet husband's response: "That's good. That's very good."

    1. your non-poet husband just made this poet's heart smile big! as did you. thank-you.


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