Saturday, April 9, 2016

I Don't Envy Them...Much

I don’t envy them much
But every now and then
The lightness of their step reminds me
Of those days Back When

The touch of tick and tock
Can brush away the years
As if time was a raven lock
That deftly disappears

I would not turn it back
Even if I could
Ah, youth, the truth of what we lack
Will soon temper your blood

Mostly, with high esteem
I live what grace will let  
But sometimes I envy the gleam
Of dreams not broken yet

© Janet Martin

It struck me as my son walked toward me yesterday, 
...the bounce of youth, 
the gleam of dreams.


  1. So gracious and apt! Watching our daughter transition to young woman, I've thought often - with new perspective! - of my mum walking through the same shifts and changes. (And sometimes thought, 'I was never like this....or was I?!')

  2. Oh, yes. I can so relate. As you age, you reach a moment that startles you, realizing, I'm only getting older from here and I can't go back. Have to make it count while you can.

    1. a friend of mine turned 60 yesterday. I turn fifty in two mos. and what she said about trying to relate to the number her birthday tells her she is at is exactly how I feel!
      Yes, we need to make it count!
      A poet friend from Nigeria sent me a poem on his birthday last mo. to thank God for another year of mercies. It REALLY struck me how he didn't lament his age but thanked God for it! This is the approach I am trying to take into a new decade. (I'll let hubby do the lamenting;-)


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