Monday, April 25, 2016

Hope's Hallelujah Hymn

 Though we are still waiting for this year's blossoms we know they will come...

It unfolds the horizon-line
Where new day spills applause
It probes the bud with spring sunshine
It orders nature’s laws

It braves with song, the darkest dark
Long, long before the light
It testifies in rainbow-arc
It goads blind faith with sight

It stuns in flower-rivers, oh,
It runs from yonder deep
And fills earth's rill with laughter
After winter’s icy keep

It bears both joy and sorrow
Nothing can replace its Stead
A mainstay we may borrow
When tomorrow groans with dread

It atones for our failure
And it cannot wane or err
A bulwark in an era
That is bent on change and fear

It cheers, timeless and tender
It wears sunrise and sunset
It ravishes with splendor
Mankind’s unrelenting debt

It coaxes from the furrow
The allotment of a seed
And it tends the tiny sparrow
As it tends man’s humble need

It dares us to be bolder
And it dares the heart to trust
As it dares our forms to shoulder
Life's Unknown on frames of dust

It is a gentle whisper
It is a chastening rod
And it abides forever
The Promises of God

© Janet Martin

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