Sunday, April 10, 2016

Here's to the World of Sport

PAD Challenge Day 10: write an emotions poem

The Masters 2016 are not in the books yet but oh, I need a break!

High-fives, lows
O-o-o-ohs and a-a-a-hs,
Oh, no-o-os!
Cheers and tears
Moans, groans,
Weep, grin
Hold your breath,
Exhale again
Cross your fingers
Close your eyes,
Couch-coaching cries
Laugh, wail, tremble,
Cringe, yell, snort
This is the world of
watching sport

Janet Martin

There is a fine line between disaster and success here (the Masters)
Lee Westwood 

There are many who care little about the world of competition but for those of us who enjoy the adrenaline rush of the road to victory or defeat...well,
Wow, what an ebb and flow of emotion we experience that they...

an hour after the above pic...

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