Monday, April 4, 2016

Going the Distance Between Echoes and 'Hello'

PAD Challenge day 4: For today’s prompt, write a distance poem.

We wear worlds within us
Darling, you and I
Though miles apart are near at heart
And distance but a sigh

War where future-past
Spurs us to ‘when me and you
Are together at last’

When and why and wherefore
Wakes an aching plea
For the day when we can say
Hello, you, it’s me

We wear worlds within us
Hearts can cup a sea
Where a splurge of echoes surge
Keeping you with me

© Janet Martin

It wasn't quite the same...a belated family Easter-dinner yesterday with one missing. 
but at the end of April when classes are done she might come home for a few mos.!!!:)

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