Monday, April 4, 2016

Going the Distance With Old Man Winter

PAD Challenge day 4:  For today’s prompt, write a distance poem.

 Yesterday dawned somewhat snowy...
but after emptying its storehouses all day long, today dawns without a blade of grass in sight...

Those pictures that we clung to through long winter’s whitewashed hours
Of April waking daffodils and singing in spring show’rs
Must pause because it seems Old Winter is not willing yet
To fall prey to the way of warmer-whispered pirouette

The wearing will of winter wails and flails where dreams persist
In spite of white anointing where hills should be soft-green kissed
And though we thought bloom-bells ought to be ringing, roaring gale
Gilds April’s world as winds unfurl a snowflake bridal-veil

Be of good cheer, the end is near; winter for all its bluff
And bluster cannot muster for much longer, frosty fluff
So thus he howls, his jowls drip with the gripping undertow
Of visions shaped in flower-gardens draped with April snow

© Janet Martin

...yes, we know spring is on its way...why? Baseball has begun!

Toronto Blue Jays
1-0, 1st in AL Eastern Division
American League
Final - yesterday, 4:05 PM
Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida
Blue Jays
Tampa Bay


Sorry, my fellow-Floridian get the sunshine and we got the win:)(AND the blizzard;(

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