Saturday, April 16, 2016

Forever Memories

 The memories this week-end involve a lot of food-prep. I made the above recipe for a youth-group event called Progressive Supper. we hosted and served a main-course stop, after appetizers  at someone else's house, and then they moved on to the next host for dessert.
Now I'm prepping food for a BBQ tomorrow because the weather has suddenly turned summer-warm and we want to make keeper-memories out of these precious days...
Here is the dessert I whipped up...quick and easy so one is not cooped in the house all day cooking because...
...because life is too short to skip reading time:)
Victoria is reading Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. 
She just showed me these pages, knowing I would enjoy them.
 I'm sharing them so you can enjoy them too! 
Have a sweet rest-of-Saturday!

I'm reading The Wind that Shakes the Barley, such a good book with much to share in poems to come:)
Moments make mem’ries, love
The trove of thought a place
That holds the dole of moment-gold
Pouring through our embrace

Futile to grip too tight
This which no one can stay
But to touch-taste its holy haste
As it soft-slips away

Time’s temporary chase
Of grace-allotted dream
Where hope and hurt wear the same dirt
Is a fast-flowing stream

Our creature-o’-habit hearts
Can cause us to forget
The suave romance and quick-foot dance
Of tick-tock pirouette

…an interlacing rush
Of soul-sweet agonies
Brushing our skin to repose in
Forever memories

© Janet Martin

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