Friday, April 22, 2016

Every Day is Earth Day

Today is Earth Day in Canada.

 When I grew up the environment was never mentioned, but remembering to care
about what God placed in our care be love-driven to do something is the only motivation with staying-power! Ultimately it is the lack of love that makes a mess of everything...

Our greed for ease and speed
Our bold and heedless ways
Wore thin the grin of Mother Earth
And Her sustaining ways

This dollar-driven breed
Would bleed her pockets dry
Her ‘Greenpeace’ groan cannot atone
For those who do not try

How beautiful the world
That God placed ‘neath our care
A grand, spherical miracle
Where we should stop and stare

…and be mindful of this;
The very air we breathe
Depends upon how we respond
To Mother Nature’s grief

© Janet Martin

What can we do to help?
Slow down.
Live simpler.
Plant a garden.
Cut back on garbage.
Make meals from scratch.
Skip pre-portioned, prepackaged and buy bulk.
Spend time, not money.
Spend time, not money.
Spend ti…oh, right! I already said that;-)
Shop thrift stores and save resources, money and maybe a life because
the proceeds from those stores help the needy!
My mother and grandmother's thriftiness and frugality
would startle even the most avid recyclers:)
In a large family it was necessary.

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