Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dead End Day-dreams or Living The Dream

PAD Challenge Day 30: last day:(
For today’s prompt, write a dead end poem.. Take the phrase “dead end” and apply it to a noun,.

 Quote from a book pictured below...

They fill my head with visions of far fairer days to come
When I am not so busy with debt-dictated demands 
But after contemplation Methinks dreams are but the sum
Of common hope, and love the fire that fuels life's dreamlands

We never dream of loneliness or days when we are frail
And far too old to climb the hill of wild-bloom haply flung
And I have learned through tears well-earned, how dear this moment-grail 'tis The Dream, not Destiny that keeps the spirit young

These are life's darling days, my dear, the dream, its serenade
We dance, not on yon cloud but on two feet if we are blessed
And I would like to dream, when day is done that we have made
A memory that we recall with tender happiness

Daydreams drive us toward an end we try to fantasize
Where shadow figurines, like strangers are kinder somehow
But circumstance alters the trance of Yonder-paradise
Thus we never secure the key to it because of Now

© Janet Martin



  1. The second stanza is really fantastic - I don't get hear often enough as you are a fantastic poet. Finishing up homeschooling this year and another is off to college soon. And a move in the near future to the mountains - but I have you delivered to my email now so maybe I will not miss so many! I grew up adoring Laura Ingalls Wilder - and still do.

    1. Hi Margaret. Thank-you so much! I didn't realize you home-school. You are one busy mom! I always enjoy your posts and will follow you to the mountains...(wow, that sounds surreal to this rural Ontario gal:)!
      We just had one of our daughters move home from college yesterday for the summer...change is the one constant we can rely on huh?! I love the Little House Series too. I'm glad that a truly good book is one we can read 50 years later and still love it!
      Life is definitely a busy one here as well...20 teens coming later today to celebrate our son Matt turning 18! Here's to living the dream...the busy, beautiful dream!


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