Sunday, April 24, 2016

Birthday Gift

A birthday is a gift from God
To which none can compare
Because it proves above all else
His kind, unfailing care

This freefall from time’s tick-tock fount
For all its discontent
Sends us one special day to count
The blessings God has lent

Then we become most humbly glad
For this, our gift of days
And what a blessed year we had
To give God all the praise

~Janet Martin

Every day people all around the world celebrate this wonderful gift...a birthday! 
If today is your special day I hope it is a truly blessed one.
Last night we attended our first ever 60th birthday party and Time it seems, for all of us is a slippery thing we can never quite grasp!


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if I opened a birthday card at the stationers and found your poem written inside instead of the silly sentiments I usually find. I would buy it on the instant and give it to someone I know who is turning 61 soon.

    1. :) thank-you. I wonder if there is a place one could send in card poems. You are more than welcome to use this one.

      I agree, for all the cards out there, a truly worthwhile sentiment is hard to find! I guess I didn't check out the right stores but all the 60th birthday cards seemed ridiculously childish for someone whose come to such a milestone and deserves a special blessing!


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