Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Between Us...

Don’t tell me
Let me look into your eyes
They often say more
Than word-disguise

Don’t worry
About anything but Today
Darling, the future
Is too far away

Don’t fight it
Love is a long-suffering war
But darling, its moments
We are here for

I’d rather
Gather moments and forget the rest
Because, just between us,
We do moments best

© Janet Martin


  1. Hi friend! "Love is a long-suffering war" is so...wow...powerful... It actually prompted me to write...I'll let you know if/when I feel it's ready for sharing ;-)

    1. oh, please do! this will be a chain-reaction poem-tree because this poem was inspired by a poem on Writer's Digest today. SO many good ones with today's prompt.

    2. Jen, I am touched beyond words at the poem and the 'mention'. Hugs~


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