Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wonderful Everyday

These days are not often recalled or regaled over tea
Like background music, without prominence in memory
Until change jars awareness to what softly slips away
The Wonderful of ordinary, common everyday

These unsung heroes rise and set and we forget them soon
And never herald with applause the mundane afternoon
Until upon a couch we lie and sigh with fevered thought
For the Wonderful of every-days so readily forgot

The tune of a tea kettle is a five-star serenade
And chatter ‘round the dinner-table, music heaven-made
Duty, life’s well-worn hand-me-down, is a charge fit for kings
The beauty of a chore well done among life’s finest things

That thing we crave is set before us without fame or laud
The banner of a newborn day spills gold or gray, from God
And should we be so blessed as to forget its fine-spun fray
Then we are gifted with life’s best; Wonderful Everyday

© Janet Martin

In hushed tones Matt remarked the other day...'I can't imagine a home without a mom',
as clean laundry re-appeared and food returned to its rightful places,

and smiles to family-faces.
Not that life clattered merrily by the puddle of blankets on the couch,
 with here and there The Question, 'are you feeling better yet?'

I'm SO glad-glad-glad to be off this couch, for the daytime hours at least...
by 5:00 I still crash:( but normal is slowly returning...


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    1. Thank-you. something like this fills me with genuine sympathy for those with ongoing health struggles!


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