Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where Wisp of Mist Unfurls

 In the not quite 6000 posts on this blog I don't believe I've ever written a whole poem of 5-syllable lines, but that's the way it insisted on untwisting from thought today:)

Midnight deep uncurls
Wisp of mist unfurls
From ebony fist
Morning, mercy-kissed

Yesterday, a blip
Crooned upon the lip
Now a new song swells
From hope’s citadels

Tugged from thick of sleep
We wed with the leap
Of open to close
Prelude to repose

The sky is a flow’r
Beaming with the hour
We grasp at its bloom
Soon sealed in Past’s tomb

Then pick up those feet
Time grants no repeat
Delight in the lilt
Of a new day spilt

Cherish the regale
Of inhale-exhale
Drink deep from the swell
That weeps with farewell

Sing, do-rah-me-fah
And loop-de-la-la
For God’s grace exceeds
Man's uttermost needs

© Janet Martin

a wonderful morning worship song!

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