Thursday, February 25, 2016

Where We Bid Today Adieu

 Just before dusk the sun made an appearance turning earth into a glistening shrine!

Now night gathers woodland and heath
From scenes that thrill our gaze by day
As other worlds unfurl beneath
Star-littered awnings far away
And Heaven dips its brush into
Paint jars of onyx, silver-gray
As Earth becomes an avenue
Devoid of color-warped chambray
Then we shed our color too
And melt into the haunting hush
Bidding another day adieu
As it dwindles on twilight’s brush

© Janet Martin

Photos frame anemic glimpses of the real deal...


  1. Lovely pictures! The flower buds inside the ice shell look like mini globes.

    1. I like that picture too! Nature and its surprises never grow old!


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