Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What, If Not Love?

This is no trite undertaking
That we adjust our thoughts to
Where light of morning is breaking
Over yon bastions of blue

Tell me, my love, what delights you
As bud of day flares into bloom
What in life’s struggle excites you?
Where dawn unveils time’s living-room

…a fleet mosaic of moments
Swift-etched on walls of the heart
Masterpieces of acquiescence
Meld to Bygone’s intrinsic art

Tell me, my love, as time’s fingers
Weave dark and daylight into years
What fans the flame that yet lingers
Where laughter is thwarted by tears

Time is no trite undertaking
This grace where love and longing strives
Is more than mere sleep and waking
For it weaves the days of our lives

Tell me, my love, as its chariot
Wonder-driven, thunders through skin
What, if not love help us wear it
And bear it like a champion?

© Janet Martin

This morning, as I muddled through the fog of those first waking moments,
as I struggled toward fanning the flame of passion for New Day,
as I prayed for 'God to guide and keep' 
as I poured coffee and pondered the to-do list of Awesome Mundanes
it struck me anew, how love, the crux of life,
beautifies, intensifies, holi-fies everything
... even the gray rain-drenched February day

...where soon unveiled come-what-may will take its place
in the gallery of retrospect.

Wishing for you a love-ly day.

My sincerest sympathies to skiing-snowmobiling-skating-snowboarding lovers.
Our snow is disappearing fast in this mid-winter spring break;-))!
The past two winters have catered to words like b-r-r-r-r, storm, gale, c-c-c-c-cold:)
so, enjoy. It won't last, according to the forecast.

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