Sunday, February 21, 2016

We Are All Authors

Because every once in a while a song comes along that makes us want to grab our air-guitars and jump on the kitchen-table stage and belt it out, I have not completely turned my back on country music:) 
Yes, let's be humble and kind, possible by the grace of God, as we write the stories of our lives, but once!

We write, whether with pen or with the stroke of feet to dust
The story of each life is written once for each of us
And though it seems so much of it is beyond our control
With who we are and what we have we write with heart and soul

The penmanship of moments bleeds through quills in sundry ways
Where dawn and dusk ignite and snuff the breadth of mortal days
And we should write with utter care and be aware because
The touch and taste of it turns into tales of what once was

Then pray the Lord our words will be worthwhile and good and kind
For what we write with what we have is what we leave behind
And pray our souls be on their guard, for love to fill our quills
As from the inkwell of God’s grace the story of life spills

We are all authors of a story only we can spell
Then grip time’s pen with holy awe and seek to write it well
For soon the dust that we kick up will settle; who knows when?
And seal our stories still unfolding from each pulsing pen

© Janet Martin

 Be very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise...

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