Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I wonder what adventure waits
In syllables, as yet, unstrung
The teasing of it saturates
The silences that vex the tongue
Where we are not as fearless as
The young, footloose and fancy-free
But still, hope runs wild to beget
What is as yet, un-poetry

© Janet Martin

Well, I'm off to write the poetry of the day!
o-o-o-oh! I wonder what it will be?!
The first verse includes dishwater and kitchen-cleaning;-)
but then, who knows?
The high-schools are in examweek so Victoria is home today, her last one written yesterday.
When I asked her how she thinks she did she laughed, I W-A-A-Y over-studied on what we learned, and then the exam included some parts that our class never took!!!;-((


  1. Love the expectation in today's verse - and can't wait to hear how the dishwasher fits in today's brooding poem!

  2. I love your first two lines in this lovely poem, Janet.


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