Thursday, February 25, 2016

Time's Three-fold Flower...

Silk-soft, Imminence hovers, where Now flowers, fades and falls
Nevermore to return, save in thought’s echo-favored halls
We live this life ‘in limbo’ between what was and will be
Where all we hold for certain is Time’s opportunity

Here, where felled petals flounder new appointments burst the pod
Its full bloom still a mystery, save in the Hand of God
Where this ‘in limbo’ would confound our forward flight with fear
But for the confidence we have that He is ever near

This birthing-place of memories is sacred ground, the heart
Quickens at the mere wonder of what morrow might impart
Where we are held ‘in limbo’ yet, not dangling in mid-air
But cradled in the Certainty of God’s kindness and care

How hard would be love’s joy if Imminence were hapless fate
How agonizing this ‘in limbo’ would be as we wait
With bated breath for death; how hopeless every step we brave
If Destiny led, not to God, but to a stone-cold grave

Imminence hovers, covers us with the awareness of
The ephemeral fabric that weaves our live-laugh-love
And this ‘in limbo’ state of being would torment each hour
Without this peace; The Knowing Who ordains time’s three-fold flow’r

© Janet Martin

‘In Limbo’ sort of describes my mornings as I wait to see if the supply teacher I just started babysitting for will get a call to work. Her mornings are ‘in limbo’ too, until after a certain hour. (we both thought she would get a call today but not so far)
… and then as I thought about it I came to the conclusion that no matter what we plan we all live ‘in limbo’ of what is to come beyond our control, but never God’s!

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