Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Time's Memory-Loom

Afternoon pools, burnished sweep
Spirals from spools azure-deep
White clouds wafting half-asleep
Over almost-memories

We diverge, for shadows wait
To surge over twilight’s gate
Daily deaths soft-saturate
This which slips to naught with ease

...as the framework of an hour
Falls like a depleted flower
Scattered to the wooing bower
That claims every beaming bloom

And the lilt of it soon lies
In the garden of thought’s eyes
A once-in-a-lifetime prize
Fading on time’s mem'ry-loom

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful line to start my day! Thanks

  2. thank-you:) It's always exciting to think what threads are waiting to be woven on time's memory-loom. Yesterday's threads included a sun-soak on the deck with a good book while the little guy I babysit slept, and then before supper I ran a few miles up the road to see the sunset! This is rather unreal for Ontario, Canada folk. We are having/enjoying an unusually mild winter!


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