Thursday, February 25, 2016

Through Praise or Complaint?

 Victoria was dearly hoping for a snow-day, but the weather completed earth's beauty-treatment while she slept;-) so off she went with a hug, hot tea and prayer.

From heights that hover shore to shore
And covers earth with sky
See, fading darkness forms the door
Where morning meets our eye

And be its banner blue and brusque
Or gold and glory wrought
Its color climbs time’s stair where dusk
Soon summons birth to naught

This oracle from mercy’s God
Ought to fill thought with awe
And spill to hearts, glad worship’s laud
As we behold love’s law

Look; opportunity brand-new
Anoints time’s fresh-lit flare
Grace grants no feckless ballyhoo
Or glum, ho-hum affair

But offers to scoffer and saint
A gift where moments pour
From God through man’s praise or complaint
Into what is no more

© Janet Martin

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