Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The World Wakes With White Whispers...

The world wakes where white whispers waft like wisps of feather-down
To branch and bush, a plush hush blankets croft, countryside, town
The color-world of barefoot dreamers slumbers soft beneath
White silken skeins unraveled over hill, hollow and heath

Soon, soon, a sea of green will swoon and settle earth’s grass skirts
Around the ankles of each tree decked out in stiff-starched shirts
And where a world of white on white stretches from sky to sky
A rainbow tide of flowers will delight earth’s pale-faced sigh

This diamond-studded dalliance, this pillow-painted room
Where scraggly satin-swaddled stragglers wait for bud and bloom
Cannot maintain for very long such unblemished attire
Where once-upon-a-summer waits to set the world afire

The world wakes, washed with whispers from a winter feather-bed
How quietly across this time-tossed turf its quilt is spread
To wrap with white delight the may-and-might that soon deflates
And melts like snow, the swinging to and fro of heaven-gates

© Janet Martin


  1. Lovely, Janet...thoughts of spring to come...

  2. Yes:) its the time of year thought begins to hunger for spring, no matter how soft and white the morning falls.

  3. Nature's beautiful hues.................


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