Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spell for Me a Picture (A Poet's Greatest Pleasure)

Spell for me a picture
Form with font of ink
Morning mutely moving
Dark awry with pink

Whisper with word-wonder
Meadows plush with plume
Bergamot and bell-flow’r
Pouring out their bloom

Pen upon plain paper
That which steals our sighs
Paint a poem-picture
Of love’s laughing eyes

…and where fall has fallen
Press upon the page
Frozen fallow flecked with
Silvered sedge and sage

Draw for me a doorway
To a land of dreams
Where wild havens flower
Beneath sapphire streams

…and the hour tinctures
By the pow’r of word
Picture over picture
That a pen has stirred

© Janet Martin

I'm reading the journals of L.M. Montgomery.
Even in her youth she had the gift of being able to pen powerful pictures!


  1. Is that an ice storm I see in your photos? The shiver of wind in the tree tops and the diamond bright strike of sun swords when the clouds part after an ice storm is one of the loveliest clouts of weather I have ever experienced. We don't get them often. They make me want to shout.

    1. It is one of nature's spectacles that cannot be out done. The ice stayed on the trees for three glorious, dazzling days!


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