Thursday, February 4, 2016

Run my Heart Over With Love

Run my heart over with fortune
Found in the spending of time
So much of life is a roaring
Ethereal pantomime

Run my heart over with laughter
For too soon laughter wears tears
Too soon looming Ever-after
Rallies Bygone’s brigadiers

Darling, wilt thou be my lover
And run my heart over with sighs?
Skin is the shivering cover
To where the crux of love lies

…so run my heart over with knowing
More than caresses of touch
Run my heart over with fortune
Of whispered nothings and such

© Janet Martin

I dilly-dallied between the word hurt or heart... you may choose which you prefer:)


  1. I love the notion of running my heart over with knowing....such a beautiful poem of love and the heart Janet! :-)


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