Saturday, February 20, 2016

Of Daffodils and Rain-strummed Rills

 We are having another hint-of-spring splash!

My, my the mind grins, giddy at suggestions in the air
Of hill and field soon spilling pretty flowers everywhere
For one of nature’s finest words to ever please the tongue
Is riding on the buoyancy of lilting zephyr-song
And hearts muffled with heavy garb of flannel-fashioned string
Are suddenly much lighter at the mention of it; spring

So long, bold, blundering buffoon, braggart of ice and snow
We have grown weary of your wit; its time for you to go
The cloak you flaunt is full of want, and we are full of hope
Where sun cajoles lopsided holes to the south-facing slope
And earth sheds you like love sheds the despondency of loss
As hearts begin to feel the thinning of grief’s albatross

How happy is the hinterland ‘neath prospects primed with bud
The wonderland of winter succumbs to mantles of mud
Before the pictures that thought paints become reality
Where the green word of spring ignites delightful fantasy
And the mind grins, glad, giddy at the word the air suggests
Of daffodils and rain-strummed rills and birdie-brimming nests

© Janet Martin


  1. I am so ready!! Our tulips are coming up. :-D

    This made me smile!


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