Friday, February 5, 2016

More Than Anything...

It waits at each turn
A four-letter surprise
In threads of heaven-
Lent paradise

Sometimes it tastes
Like the coffee you brought
After picking up two
‘On second thought’

I’ve seen it
Heaped on a laundry-room floor
A cotton-tossed sea
Where life-echoes roar

In school-work on tables
In dream-dust that wafts
Restless with green hope
Far away, hunger-soft

Four-letter heart-storm
As you rush in
To declare that you found
A whisker on your chin

And you grab Dad’s razor
So eager to shave
I’ve held its whole world
In a ‘see-you, mom’ wave

…and suffered the subtle
Undoing of heart
As its strings bind closer
What life tugs apart

It spills in bills and in
Stripped cookie jars
It thrills the common
In eyes kissed with stars

It shatters life-silences
Scatters 'stuff' about
Out-poured, it refills
What we cannot live without

Thank-you God, more than anything
This is enough
To be part of a beautiful
Picture called Love

© Janet Martin

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